Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rolls Royce Engines

Hello everyone,

We have actually started the journey but not quite got where we should be by now. Due to a fault with one of the engines (rolls royce!) the qantas flight from Bangkok we were on turned around and had to reland dumping fuel quite impressively against an unbelievable sunset and we have been put up by qantas in the four wings hotel in Bangkok ( for two nights until the flight has been rearraged, which should be around 3am in the morning. The place has a smart roof top garden and an infinity pool, there are 30 floors in the hotel not sure whether our planning sysem could cope with the Bangkok property developers! We have taken great advantage of the new situation and had a ride in to see some of the sights of the city. All I can say it was 28 degrees plus and the place is as busy, colourful and interesting as you see on the TV and the people are quite friendly always trying to sell you a custom made suit!. The food is quite excellent although we are a bit sceptical about the drinking water. Hopefully the next installment will be us in Auckland starting the planned journey. I've attached a photo of Bangkok just to let you see.