Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Twenty Four Hours in Taupo ish

Well we got up at the crack of dawn and trooped down to the city for our bus to Waitomo and we didn't get on! They only had confirmed space for one of us and the other had to hope someone didn't turn up, all the other passengers turned up and we were left on the pavement stranded for another day in Rottenrua. We decided enough was enough and went to the bus station to sort transport to Taupo, it was cheap and we had two hours to wait so we used the chance to send a large parcel of stuff home - 5 kilos! A quick snack at a cafe and we were offered a lift to Taupo by a couple just up for a couple of hours shopping, as we had already booked and paid we declined, but it was nice of them all the same. The bus journey was quick, quiet and air conditioned, bliss. At Taupo we plodded up the road to our campsite which turned out to be very nice with a well equipped kitchen, laundry, TV room etc. The reception at the campsite booked a kayaking trip for us for the following afternoon (morning was booked up) and we just had a quiet evening at the non floor heated site. The following morning was a quiet one spent charging cameras etc up, then we were picked up for our kayaking trip. It turned out to be just the two of us with our guide Elliott which was fab. We had a two man kayak built for Antarctic trips (the company call them divorce boats because of the rows they cause), and just had a great time. We paddled 4km to the site of some huge Maori carvings that are only accessible by water, the sun shone, we had pineapple lumps, we saw a huge trout jump and a great afternoon was had. PS we want a kayak when we get home! That evening we had our meal and then decided to walk to Huka Falls which on the map looked like a short trip from the campsite, an hour and a half later we arrived, it was dark so we couldn't see anything and then the same tramp back through bush in flipflops (Kiwis call them Jandles)! Tomorrow we set out on our East Cape trip.

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