Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cycling Days Fifteen and Sixteen

This was a two day leg from Te Anau to Queenstown, 31km on tarmac and then 70 on gravel. The first day was hellish, a strong headwind most of the way, and the gravel was deep and hard going, the only bonus was very little traffic. We camped at a DOC site that night at Mavora lakes, we just got the tent up and out stuff away when the rain that had threatened all day started. We spent a couple of hours trapped in the tent dozing, tipping puddles off the tent roof and killing some of the swarm of sandflies that had sneaked in. It was pitch black up there that night, no light pollution at all and we were the only ones there, Gary had a poor nights sleep however with the base jumping possums and their antics - including attacking our rubbish bag and dislodging guy ropes! The second day dawned beautiful, mist that soon cleared, a frost and stunning views over the lakes, well worth the lack of shower. The trip down to get the boat to Queenstown was long but enjoyable, 56km of gravel, mostly along a huge glacial valley and then following the River Otiri to Walter Peak Station and the steam boat over to Queenstown.

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