Sunday, 10 April 2011


Well we had four nights in Queenstown and we didn't bungee, we did something that in the end seemed far more terrifying! We started off with a very entertaining first day on the gondola and luge, the views of Queenstown from the top of the mountain were spectacular and the luge was so good we bought more goes - we got air on some of the dips on the advanced course, fab at the time but we'll probably be crippled with arthritis when we are older!

The next day was spent waiting for and then participating in river boarding, this was scary as anything. You jump into the Kawarau River clutching onto a body board and then ride the rapids clinging on for grim death, the rapids are grade two and three and with names such as The Maneater and Oh Shit you can imagine they are quite intense. There was a total of 7km of river to ride down, the guides were fab dragging you back into the part of the river you needed to be in for most safety if you were struggling, but I must admit the views were lost to us, just not drowning occupied our every thought! At the end of the rapids we were dragged by jet ski down the river a little further and then there was a cliff jump, a board slide and a swing across the river - Ruth's back is bad from landing badly (on her backside) from the 10m cliff we jumped off - makes cycling a little uncomfortable now! A great day in retrospect but never again, our arms are still aching a week later from the death grip on the board.

After that we, for a last bit of adrenalin on our last day (but not too much), hired downhill bikes and tackled the single track alongside the gondola, it was perfect, you get the gondola up so no hard pedaling and then ride back down as many times as you like. Gary was good at the mountain biking so had a go at the harder tracks, Ruth stayed on the green track (avoiding the boardwalks) and tested the hydraulic brakes to the limit but did improve her skills and enjoyed it. Definitely something to do more in the UK.

And that was Queenstown done, apart from the two Ferg Burgers we had, delish!

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