Sunday, 10 April 2011


Well we've had four nights in Wanaka in the end, today is Monday 11th April and tomorrow we start our cycle to and then up the West Coast. The first day was spent sorting a repair to one of the bikes (bottom bracket if anyone wants to know) and then just some pointless wandering. The second day however was much more productive with a walk up Mount Roy (1578m high), the weather was lovely and the views over Wanaka and Mount Aspiring National Park were quite something, hopefully you can see from the photos. Today is admin and food shopping ready to hit the bleak and empty West Coast. We will hopefully be able to access the internet in some places so we can update the blog but it might be even more random than now, sorry!

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  1. Thought I should say something as comments have been a bit thin on the ground. Some amazing pictures!! You lucky people!!

    Steve M