Saturday, 7 May 2011


Well here we are in Hobart, Tasmania. We flew to Melbourne very early on the morning of Thursday 5th May and after checking in at the hotel spent the day wandering the city and shopping at the Great Victorian Market. A city is a big shock after the time we've spent in New Zealand, so many people and everyone rushing about, no chilling and relaxing! The market was great though, masses of fresh fruit and veg and all sorts of things we'd never seen before. We bought quite a bit but it ended up rather wasted as Ruth was poorly the following day (we were on a surf school tour up the Great Ocean Road, so a bit of a nightmare), and nothing got eaten.

We are now in Tasmania, it's cold and raining just at the moment. We spent the night in a backpackers hostel in a room next door to the loadest snorer in the world, we are moving to an apartment studio today! We are booked on a tour of the East Coast at the end of the week, visiting Wineglass Bay, the Bay of Fires and then St Helens! We are also intending to go on tours to see Port Arthur (famous for it's convicts) and a Tasmanian Devil sanctuary. And then it's back to Melbourne to hopefully catch a Storms match, we shall see.

Sorry there are no photos at the moment, internet connection is very slow here but we thought we'd better post what we could and add pics later.

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