Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cycling Days Twenty Four To Twenty Seven And Greymouth

We had a lucky break with the weather for our final official three days on the bikes. The first day took us to Harihari, a small place on a long, wide, straight road in the middle of nowhere. This was the site of the crash landing of the first trans Tasman flight in 1900 and something.

Then it was off to Hokitika and it's many jade shops the next day, our choice of camp site wasn't the best, rather run down and sort of loomed over by the gigantic dairy factory. A lovely black pebble beach though.

And then our final destination of Greymouth where we spent the Easter weekend. We came unstuck on Good Friday, unlike at home everything closes on Good Friday, we didn't realise and went to the pub on the Thursday night instead of shopping so no food1 We eventually found an open pub and had sandwiches and chips and that was it, our food for the day. On Saturday we went on a tour to Punakaiki and the Pancake Rocks followed by a tour of Monteith's Brewery in the evening. Sunday was a cycle ride to Shanytown, a gold mining town theme park that was in the midst of an Easter egg hunt, kids everywhere, total bedlam! Easter Monday, most stuff was shut again and Greymouth really only came back to life on Tuesday when the sun came out and we left Greymouth for Christchurch on the Tranz Alpine train.

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