Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cycling Day Eleven

We had decided to stay another night at the YHA, it was raining and blowing a gale so we couldn't be bothered! The day did improve so we went on what should have been a short trip to see the sights and ended up as a six hour trip with no water and few provisions. We went first to see the Purakanui Falls, these were in full flow following all the rain so were good, we saw a long suffering girlfriend shivering whilst Mr Photographer boyfriend spent ages framing the perfect shot and showing it off, as we left he was starting the whole process again - I would have thrown the camera in the river.

Next was a trip to Purakanui Bay where the surfers and proper bodyboarders (not like us) were out in amazing waves. It was a great spot and we would have lingered but the rain started again and it was a long way back along more gravel roads so off we went.

Last trip for the day was to Jack's Blowhole (!), this was another 8km along lovely gravel tracks and then a twenty minute walk to see the hole. It was wort it in the end, the sea has eroded through the cliff to create a deep hole in the middle of a field that the sea rushes into, with the wind and a high tide it was quite good.

Back to the YHA and a warm room and a proper bed, on again tomorrow into the headwind to a campsite, joy.

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