Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I'm a lumber jack..........

Well our proposed lazy day off in Geraldine worked out for the best, it lashed it down all day, proper miserable. We wandered into town mid morning to look for the farmers market, never found it, but we did find a wood chopping competition which turned out to be really entertaining. We never really figured out the rules, there seemed to be a lot of competitors working in heats, we had missed the first part of the climbing the tree section (and it was too wet for them to continue it anyway) so the point seemed to be to create foot holds on these big logs and then in a handicap sort of system chop through them as quickly as poss. The HSE would have a fit over here, no goggles, PPE, they were wearing pumps for the most part! It was fab though, one guy told us it was all really serious, the axes cost about $900 and are kept all polished and in special wooden boxes, real prize possessions. It was a shame about the weather as the competition was being held next to a pub garden so beers and a sit out would have been a proper afternoon out. This was on a Saturday afternoon, there is nothing else to do as all the shops close at dinner on a Saturday, well different from home. Back at the campsite we got chatting to a nice couple from the Midlands, (Joan and John) in the internet room, they invited us back to their camper van for coffee as the rain was still coming down hard. Must admit I got camper van envy, TV, heating, roof over your head, made our soggy tent look a very poor choice. This was especially the case as the tent was now surrounded by a moat and we had to spend the night cramped in with all our bags and nothing touching the side in case of leaks, oh well!

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