Thursday, 24 March 2011


Well bang up to date for a change! Today (24/03) we decided to stay in Invercargill another day and went for a walk around with Chris the cyclist. We spent a happy couple of hours in bike and walking shops and then went up to the main park in town. This was a revelation, it was like the UK thirty years ago with a rose garden, fountains, a band stand, everything we used to have before the scumbags apparently inherited the Earth. We had a walk around the tropical house and aviary (where we saw Keas for the first but hopefully not last time). Then it was back into town and while Chris went off to service his bike we went to look for a sleeping bag liner as it's really cold at night now and then to find the Invercargill Brewery. The brewery was great, you could smell it as you approached. There was a bottle shop where you could sample the brews before buying and then there were bottles to buy or fill with your choice of brew. Loads of people came in with flagons that they had bought and refill regularly (possibly a little too often judging by some!), it was great. We bought 3 litres and are off to sample which is why this is really short!

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