Thursday, 24 March 2011


Another day at Curio Bay and its campsite, we had run out of money by now so were buying our junk food on credit card! This really is the back of beyond here, we went for a walk and saw no one, no shops, bars, ATMs, nothing. Our trip out took us to the petrified forest, this is were some natural disaster millions of years ago knocked down a forest and fossilised them very quickly, they could be seen in the rocks as long rocky log looking things, to be fair you could also see what looked like fossilised bark in places as well. We had a natural disaster of our own when a freak wave soaked our shoes and then in an effort to escape an even bigger freak wave behind Ruth legged it and fell in, oh well, middle of nowhere, soaked through, no way to get dry, same as ever really!

Gary's surfing did go better, he was the only person for the lesson so got one on one tuition and did really well, stood up every time and learnt alot. A very rewarding afternoon. The only downside was the non appearance of the Hector's Dolphins that sometimes join the lessons, we'd seen them earlier in the day but they'd disappeared at this point. No pics of his expolits as I fell asleep in the tent and missed it all!

Last task was to go and look for the Yellow Eyed Penguins coming back to the beach that evening, they are moulting so not out at sea really, we saw three. Oh well.

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