Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cycling Day Four

A bit down today when we set off, cool wind and a bit of cloud and so many dead things in the road, I can't blame just the New Zealanders for it all, but there is so much roadkill it gets really depressing to cycle through. The day did improve though, it was another stretch through the middle of nowhere, the only chance for a snack and toilet break was Burks Pass Village, however the cafe had closed down when we got there, onwards! I was quite worried about how steep Burks Pass would be, however it had nothing on the Lake District passes and we both cycled up. Lunch at the top in a sheltered, sunny spot in what was definitely an autumn landscape. The trees are changing colour here and I've never seen mushrooms like it, huge and so many sorts. Heading on what I thought was the downhill stretch to Lake Tekapo there was the most amazing views of the Southern Alps and what we thought was Mount Cook. We did wonder why we had to keep pedaling and why it was taking so long, turns out that Lake Tekapo is actually higher than Burks Pass so apart from a small freewheel we were basically going up hill still! It was worth it though, the road heads into a conifer forest and then swoops downhill and there is the Lake, bright blue and surrounded by hills, stunning.

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