Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cycling Day Fourteen

A longer day than we've been used to today, 80km to get us to Invercargill - we had no choice, no money and nowhere to stay that would take a card payment! We left Curio Bay in good spirits, they quickly left us when we hit the 20km of gravel road that we had to travel to Tokanui, thick gravel, rain in the night and traffic meant it was hard going capped off with a lovely uphill section at the end. We used the last of our money to buy ginger beers in Tokanui! It was then just a long way to Invercargill along the Southern Scenic Route, not too hilly in this section but strangely never downhill either. We stopped at the cafe at Fortrose but they didn't take card payments either so in a starved state we carried on to Invercargill. We got there mid afternoon, a bit of a shocker to see proper traffic after being out in the Catlins for days, at the campsite we met Chris from the Geraldine campsite (cycling around the world).

We had a bit of an experience at the supermarket when we went to get tea and beers, they didn't have any beer. Apparently in Invercargill and a couple of other places some licensing law means that supermarkets can't sell alcohol. We trudged off to the bottle shop feeling like a pair of alcoholics (still went in though all the same!)

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