Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cycling Day Five

A grand day on the bikes today, we set off quite early and headed for the start of the canal road that we'd been on yesterday. The road actually begins just outside Lake Tekapo town but there are lots of road closed signs to discourage motorists. We ignored them, that meant we had about 15km of flat road entirely to ourselves, the only snag being a couple of gates that we had to negotiate and the constant worry that we'd get caught and asked to turn around! We joined the canal road that we had been on the day before and made good progress. We've noticed something about NZ, either the people themselves or tourists must drive around the country drinking and chucking the bottles out of the window, we've seen bottles in some really out of the way places. Today we saw a champagne bottle, which was a new one!

The views of Mt Cook today weren't as good, a bit of cloud, we'd been lucky the day before with the break in the weather. A bit of a snack at the visitor centre at the head of Lake Pukaki and then an easy run into Twizel.

Twizel itself was a strange but nice place, built to house the construction workers for the hydro electric scheme it had remained after work was finished. The highlight for us was the signpost in the centre of town pointing to Twizel in Northumberland, 18,000km away.

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