Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cycling Day Six

A bit of a cheat to start today, the route we needed to follow was long and hilly (over the Lindis Pass), we were going to have to do about 130km to get to the next camp site. We got the bus! The buses here are great, you just ring and book yourself and the bikes on and they turn up the following day with a trailer in tow, really handy, come on UK get organised!

We took the bus as far as Cromwell on the way passing the Japanese cyclist, he's more dedicated than us. We got to Cromwell mid afternoon and cycled the 23km along Lake Dunstan to Clyde. This is a lovely village, an old gold mining town with some very interesting older buildings and great sports facilities. Our camp site was on the sports field, the changing rooms were the toilet and shower block which was a bit odd! Autumn was arriving in Clyde, the trees are changing colour and so much fruit on the trees.

We had tea (which was an enormous burger and chips for $16 each) in the Dunstan Hotel. We watched the music telly that was on and a song by a group called the Finn Brothers came on, we were slightly startled to see Knowsley Road and an old Saints match as the video. It's on you tube, called Suffer Never. After that we saw an interview with Tawera Nikau, he was waving his leg around which was grand entertainment.

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