Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cycling Day Thirteen

A strange start to the day, no camp shop so no breakfast, we would have to go back to the cafe! It didn't open until 9am so we decided on the short walk through the forest to Cathedral Caves (we got a lift part way by a couple from Doncaster, Ed and Justine, who camped near us), the caves were very impressive but we were starved so set off back pretty quickly. The short walk meant we were back at the cafe by 11am (!), we were sat waiting for our toast when we saw the Doncaster camervan come back, we thought they were coming in for braekfast but back at the bikes we found they'd left their sandfly spray for us to use, (they were heading away), we can never thank them but it was a really nice gesture, we was chuffed. Off again then up another monster hill towards the coast and surf school. We stopped briefly at Niagara Falls, not quite the same as the Canadian version, and then encountered a German couple cycling the opposite way. They were tackling things differently to us, he, Pierre, was a photographer so was carrying all his stuff on a trailer whilst she, Isabel, carried the camping stuff on hers. They were on mountain bikes so could get to places that we couldn't and were much more organsied/extreme, with a solar panel for charging stuff up and a solar shower for wild camping, we're not going down that route! After an hours chat we set off on our quick trip to Curio Bay. The campsite was different, little spaces between huge stands of Flax bushes, there was a Sealion lolling about in the way of some of the campervan spots and the showers and kitchen were quite unique, we'll try and attach photos!

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